baritone saxophone player, composer & educator

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“One of the most subtly articulate baritone saxophone players in the world.” (Ken Vos, Jazzism)

“One of the most exciting fresh voices in the Dutch jazz and impro scene” (Misha Andriessen, Trouw/Jazz&MO)

As lover of unexplored space , border crossing sounds, Giuseppe focuses his research on the baritone saxophone, constantly expanding a personal vocabulary that goes through his background in contemporary classical music , jazz improvisation and his interest for non-western music.

Giuseppe (1987) was born in Barletta, a very old town on the Adriatic coast of Puglia, Italy.

Recently Giuseppe has been awarded as “Music Revelation 2018” in the International Jazz critic pool “El Intruso” by All About Jazz Journalist Karl Ackermann.

He began studying classical saxophone at the “N. Piccinni” Conservatory in Bari, where he graduated in 2009.
In 2011 he obtained “Master on Saxophone” in classical contemporary music, as soloist at the “N.Rota” Conservatory in Monopoli.
In 2012 he moved in Holland to study jazz and composition, at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen among others with Michael Moore and Kurt Weiss where he graduated Cum Laude in 2015.

In 2015 he recorded a solo piece for the dutch dancer and choreographer Cora Bos-Kroese titled “Two ways towards”, that was performed at the New York University (NYC).

He recently received the BUMA Award Music in Motion 2022, for best film composition in short film.

He can be seen among his current projects as Solo, Falga, AVA Trio, Aterraterr, Michael Moore Bigtet, All Ellington, Raoul van Der Weide XPE.

He has been giving music workshops in several spaces and institutions in Europe and abroad together with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Prins Claus Conservatorium (The Netherlands), Arkestra Lab foundation (Italy), Marmara University of Arts (Turkey), New York University (NYC).

He has worked with creative artists covering various fields of the national and international art including:
Michael Moore, Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Mariem Hassan, Vince Mendoza,Han Bennink, NDR Big Band, João Bosco, Kiko Freitas, Robin Eubanks, Paolo Fresu, Tullio De Piscopo, Taylor Ho Bynum, Steve Potts,Roberto Ottaviano,Ralph Alessi,Gianni Lenoci, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Felice Mezzina,Lothar Sthal, Jens Pollheide, Irene Aebi Lacy, Tiziano Tononi, Daniele Cavallanti, Carlo Actis Dato, Benjamin Herman, Jim Black.

He has played in venues and festivals including OCT LOFT Jazz Festival, Xihu Festival, Shanghai World Music Festival (China); Vahdat Hall (Iran), Bimhuis, Gaudeamus Muziek Week Festival, Doek Festival, Lantaren Venster, North Sea Jazz Festival, Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival (The Netherlands); Novosadski Jazz Festival (Serbia); Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival 2018, Reggia della Venaria (Italy); Die Aegidien church, NDR Funkhaus (Germany); Meutiviti Festival (Denmark); Ljubliana Jazz Festival (Slovenia) and many others. He has been broadcast in various places, including on VPRO, RAI Radio 3, NPO 1, NPO4.

Giuseppe is a Drake Mouthpieces Artist and Wood Wind Design Artist

“… huge sonore sound; his performance is mystic, multilayered and full of secrecy” ( Joode)    

“… clear example of reincarneyation” (Duke’s day, Bimhuis)  

“…the most extreme soloist of the bunch with his search along the borders of the baritone, slap tongue-harmonic effects to downpours” (  

“… such dynamics! such power! such swing!” (E.Determeyer)

“… Doronzo holds a brilliant argument for the baritone sax as a leading instrument.” (Trouw)

“…Doronzo was certainly the most extreme soloist of the bunch,
with his search along the borders of the baritone,
slap tongue-harmonic effects to downpours.” (
” …Giuseppe Doronzo starts in the high register, as if he is not aware of the
roaring frequencies below. It lasts for one or two choruses, after which he finally leaps into the depth.
With powerful blows he wades through the notes and the jaws of the gathered people drop in awe:
such dynamics! such power! such swing!..” (Eddie Determeyer)



Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax,mizmar,bansuri

It’s been said that the improvised solo is the highest form of personal
expression and Doronzo does a first-rate job of articulating his vision.”

(All about Jazz)

“..Doronzo was certainly the most extreme soloist , with his search along the borders of the baritone, slap
tongue-harmonic effects to downpours.”



“As one of the most exciting fresh voices in the Dutch jazz and impro scene”, Italian born, Amsterdam based musician and composer Giuseppe Doronzo, focuses his solo research on the baritone sax. His solo work, gives you a polyphonic vision from a monodic instrument. The performance consists of pieces and improvisations that combine contemporary classical music, jazz improvisation and non-western music traditions. He gets inspired by urban and natural environments, electronic sounds and spaces, that all converge into an introspective experience of the baritone sax sounds. He experiments with multiphonics, amalgams of different sound layers, that open up to a microtonal, polyphonic and polyrhythmic music field. Last year with his solo project, Doronzo has been nominated Music Revelation and Best Debut Album 2018 by All About Jazz on the international jazz critic pool “El Intruso”. Furthermore, he had the possibility to present his debut solo album “GOYA” at various venues and festivals in Europe including Sant’ Anna Arresi Jazz Festival, Bimhuis, and Gaudeamus Muziekweek Festival. Russian film director Roman Ermolaev made a 40’ experimental film based on Doronzo’ s baritone sax solo album “GOYA”, gaining a relevant attention from Film Festivals and Contemporary Art Museums in Europe. His first solo album “GOYA” was released in August 2018 on his record label, Tora Records.



Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax; mizmar (north african flute); bansuri (traditional indian flute)
Pino Basiletamburrello; Cupa cupe (southern italian friction percussion); canne (italian ephemeral reed instruments); Bubbù (ocarina from Puglia)


Aterraterr is a meeting between two friends coming from the same land, Puglia (south of Italy), living at two extremes of Europe, the Netherlands and south of Italy.
Through their music they narrate past and present tales, perhaps totally abstract and utopian. Their language is inspired by the nature of their instruments, wind and percussive.
The soundscapes are influenced by the geographical and rural areas of Puglia, pastoral minimalism and traces of ancient mediterranean rituals.






Giuseppe Doronzo baritone saxophone
Esat Ekincioglu bass
Pino Basile percussion

“…a masterful job of blending regional influences as well as balancing ethnic inspirations with free improvisation…” 4**** ½ (All about Jazz)

((All about Jazz))

“…Their playing is intelligent but fulfilled also with emotion and enthusiasm…” 4****

(De Trouw)


AVA embarks on an ethno-musical expedition to document the musics of this imaginary land and its folk. Formed just over a year ago, AVA had an exciting first year with some 40 concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy, receiving a phenomenal response from all types of audience.
AVA’s debut album, Music From an Imaginary Land is the grand result of the past year’s work.
They invite you on an ethnomusical expedition to the imaginary land and beyond. The album was released in spring 2017 on Trytone Records.



Giuseppe Doronzo baritone saxophone
Lucio Tasca guitar
Federico Pozzer piano
Andrea Caruso doublebass
Aleksandar Škorićdrums

Falga already
sounds like itself”

(De Trouw)

“Falga is a
transformational recording
where each player is given
a distinctive voice”



FALGA was born in October 2013 in Groningen, NL. Its members met and started first playing improvised music in duo or trio, in various combinations; subsequently they decided to blend their strong spiritual connections into a quintet.
The crusade of the ensemble is compelling a musical language which is the synthesis of the personal background of each member, the tradition of jazz music which is innovation, and last but not least the cathartic power of the moment.
Following to mantra of “now”, the band has been working with perseverance on original music; every composition is a different and always intimate story, but at the same time it’s nothing more than a piece of clay ready to be shaped into something radically different, according to the free will of any/every member.
Therefore, what the audience should be ready to attend to is a process of constant metamorphosis and creative flow, a research for the less traveled path and the enjoyment of a friendship facing endless unresolved questions.





Michael Moore Bigtet


Michael Moore alto sax,clarinet Eric Boeren cornet Wolter Wierbos trombone Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax Kaja Draksler keyboards Jorrit Westerhof electric guitar Arjen Gorter bass Michael Vatcher percussion


Lyrisch Laag contemporary ensemble


Fie Schouten bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet Jelte Althuis bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax


Raoul van Der Weide “Xavier Pamplona Ensemble”


Raoul van der Weide contrabass,percussion Michael Moore clarinet Alistair Payne trumpet Ziv Taubenfeld bass clarinet Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax MArta Warelis piano George Hadow drums


All Ellington


Jodi Gilbert vocals Gideon Tazelaar clarinet, alto saxophone Natalio Sued tenor saxophone Jimmy Sernesky trumpet Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax Joost Buis trumpet
Eric Boeren cornetOscar Jan Hoogland piano Wilbert De Joodedouble bass Michael Vatcherdrums



Upcoming Concerts

25 Jul 2024 AVA Trio Budapest, Hungary Jedermann Jedermann
26 Jul 2024 AVA Trio Balatonboglar, Hungary Babel Sound Festival Babel Sound Festival
29 Jul 2024 AVA Trio Sofia, Bulgaria AlarmaPunkJazz Prod AlarmaPunkJazz Prod
30 Jul 2024 AVA Trio TGG Tour Varna, Bulgaria Varna Jazz Festival Varna Jazz Festival
01 Aug 2024 AVA Trio Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria TAM TAM
03 Aug 2024 AVA Trio Schwaz, Austria Outreach Music Festival Outreach Music Festival
24 Aug 2024 Zebra Brass Band Amsterdam, NL De Ruimte Festival De Ruimte Festival
31 Aug 2024 GIUSEPPE DORONZO | FRANK ROSALY | ANDY MOOR Groningen, NL Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival
07 Sep 2024 Zebra Brass Band Amsterdam, NL Cinetol Festival Cinetol Festival
22 Oct 2024 with Fie Schoutehn, Guus Janssen, Vincent Curtuois Cologne, Germany Multiphonics Festival Multiphonics Festival
10 Jan 2025 SOLO Stiens, NL Pakhûs Pakhûs

Past Shows

12 Jul 2024 Zebra Brass Band Rotterdam, NL North Sea Jazz Festival North Sea Jazz Festival
11 Jul 2024 AVA Trio Szczecinek, Poland Szczecinek Sax Festival Szczecinek Sax Festival
07 Jul 2024 duo with Guus Janssen Rotterdam, NL De Machinist / North Sea Round Town De Machinist / North Sea Round Town
05 Jul 2024 Een harp onder de riem Amsterdam, NL Aaron & Mozes Church Aaron & Mozes Church
27 Jun 2024 guest panel "Scoring for film" Rotterdam, NL InJazz Festival / Lantaren Venster h 13:30 InJazz Festival / Lantaren Venster h 13:30
26 Jun 2024 Giuseppe Doronzo | Frank Rosaly | Andy Moor Amsterdam, The Netherlands Bimhuis / InJazz Festival h 20:30 Bimhuis / InJazz Festival h 20:30
26 Jun 2024 Spoorloos Amsterdam, NL EYE Film Museum - h 18:45 EYE Film Museum - h 18:45
16 Jun 2024 Raoul van der Weide XPE Amsterdam, The Netherlands Theater Vrijburcht Theater Vrijburcht
15 Jun 2024 Turkish Pumpkin Krefeld, Germany Jazz im Sommerabend Festival Jazz im Sommerabend Festival
14 Jun 2024 Raoul van der Weide XP7 Amsterdam, NL OranjeKerk OranjeKerk
09 Jun 2024 dutch mountain tribe Cologne, Germany Stadtgarden Stadtgarden
08 Jun 2024 dutch mountain tribe Amsterdam, NL Bimhuis Bimhuis
01 Jun 2024 C.A.L.L. Festival Amsterdam, NL Dokzaal Dokzaal
30 May 2024 Dutch Mountain tribe Nijmegen, NL Jazz in Nijmegen Jazz in Nijmegen
29 May 2024 Dutch Mountain tribe Groningen, NL Brouwerij Martinus Brouwerij Martinus
26 May 2024 AVA Trio Neeritter, NL JazzBlatz JazzBlatz
25 May 2024 AVA Trio TGG Tour Nijmegen, The Netherlands Brebl Brebl
24 May 2024 AVA Trio TGG Tour Bussel, Belgium Jazz Weekend Fest / Roskam Jazz Weekend Fest / Roskam
23 May 2024 AVA Trio Mechelen, Belgium NONA NONA
22 May 2024 AVA Trio TGG Tour Wuppertal, Germany LOCH LOCH
09 May 2024 AVA Trio Banska Bystrica, Slovakia Jazz Club Hogo Fogo Jazz Club Hogo Fogo
08 May 2024 AVA Trio Balatonboglar, Hungary Babel Camp Babel Camp
07 May 2024 AVA Trio TGG Tour Timisoara, Romenia TBA TBA
05 May 2024 AVA Trio Budapest, Hungary Jazzfest Budapest Jazzfest Budapest
04 May 2024 AVA Trio TGG Tour Szekesfehervar, Hungary Diocesan Museum Diocesan Museum
03 May 2024 AVA Trio Volyne, Czech Replublic Museum Volyne Museum Volyne
02 May 2024 AVA Trio - TGG Tour Prague, Czech Republich Klub Letka Klub Letka
01 May 2024 AVA Trio - TGG Tour Pardubice, Czech Republich Divadlo 29 Divadlo 29
28 Apr 2024 Sound-Lee! Weesp, NL Plofhuis7 Plofhuis7
26 Apr 2024 AVA Trio Rome, Italy Casa del Jazz Casa del Jazz
25 Apr 2024 AVA Trio - TGG Tour Barletta, Italy Spring Time Jazz Festival Spring Time Jazz Festival
25 Apr 2024 AVA Trio - TGG Tour Matera, Italy Osteria Malatesta (h 13:00) Osteria Malatesta (h 13:00)
22 Mar 2024 AVA Trio "The Great Green Tour" Brugge, BE KAAP Turnzaal KAAP Turnzaal
21 Mar 2024 AVA Trio "The Great Green Tour" Geraardsbergen, BE Het Bruggenhuis Het Bruggenhuis
09 Mar 2024 AVA Trio "The Great Green Tour" Villingen-Schweningen, DE Jazz Club Villingen Jazz Club Villingen
08 Mar 2024 AVA Trio ULM Jazzkeller Sauschdal Jazzkeller Sauschdal
07 Mar 2024 AVA Trio Landshut, DE Die Zentrale Die Zentrale
06 Mar 2024 AVA Trio "The Great Green Tour" Musburg, DE Jazz Club Hirsch Jazz Club Hirsch
01 Mar 2024 Dutch Mountain tribe Den Bosch, NL Willem Twee Zaal Willem Twee Zaal
24 Feb 2024 with Jannis Anastasakis Ioannina, Greece sympaignia theatre sympaignia theatre
22 Feb 2024 with Jannis Anastasakis, Natalia Manta, nikos sidirokastritis Athens, Greece KET KET
25 Jan 2024 Dutch Mountain tribe Utrecht, NL Tivoli Vredenburg Tivoli Vredenburg
01 Jan 2024 Sound-Lee! Amsterdam, NL Peter and Frances Bakker Peter and Frances Bakker
30 Dec 2023 All Ellington Amsterdam, NL Bimhuis Bimhuis
17 Dec 2023 Sound-Lee! 5et Amsterdam, NL Vrijburcht Theater Vrijburcht Theater
15 Dec 2023 AVA Trio utrecht, NL Tivoli Vredenburg Tivoli Vredenburg
14 Dec 2023 AVA Trio Amsterdam, NL Bimhuis Bimhuis
03 Nov 2023 SOLO Amsterdam, NL Tempel Tempel
24 Oct 2023 All Ellington Amsterdam, NL Zaal 100 Zaal 100
21 Oct 2023 SOLO Amsterdam, NL ADE - Sexyland ADE - Sexyland
13 Oct 2023 AVA Trio Altamura, IT Teatro Mercadante Teatro Mercadante
11 Oct 2023 Workshop MARC EDE, NL SQBA Residency - Akoesticum SQBA Residency - Akoesticum
01 Oct 2023 AVA Trio Basel, CH Renee Renee
28 Sep 2023 AVA Trio Dornach, CH Hotel Kloster Hotel Kloster
08 Sep 2023 AVA Trio Palau, IT Isole che parlano Festival Isole che parlano Festival
08 Sep 2023 SOLO Palau, IT Isole che parlano Festival Isole che parlano Festival
26 Aug 2023 Turkish Pumpkin Groningen, NL Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour Festival
25 Aug 2023 Turkish Pumpkin Hamburg, GER WhiteCube WhiteCube
21 Aug 2023 AVA Trio Brno, CZ Ponava Cafe Ponava Cafe
19 Aug 2023 AVA Trio Dragasani, RO Dragani Vineyard Dragani Vineyard
17 Aug 2023 AVA Trio Brasov, RO Jazz Bastion Festival Jazz Bastion Festival
16 Aug 2023 AVA Trio Moroeni, RO The Jazz Cave festival The Jazz Cave festival
05 Aug 2023 AVA Trio Accadia, IT Accadia Blues Festival Accadia Blues Festival
29 Jul 2023 AVA Trio Gmünd, AT Jazzhochburg Kärnten 2023 Jazzhochburg Kärnten 2023
22 Jul 2023 duo w/ Beate Loonstra Amsterdam, NL Mozes en Aäronkerk Mozes en Aäronkerk
07 Jul 2023 Impromptu #3 Krakow, PL Supernova Supernova
06 Jul 2023 Impromptu #3 Krakow, PL Tu i Ówdzie Tu i Ówdzie
05 Jul 2023 Impromptu #3 Krakow, PL Tu i Ówdzie Tu i Ówdzie
02 Jul 2023 w/ Paulina Owczarek | Kateryna Ziabliuk | Ernest Ogórek Krakow, PL Klub Baza Klub Baza
30 Jun 2023 AVA Trio Greifswald, DE Eldenaer Jazz Festival Eldenaer Jazz Festival
29 Jun 2023 AVA Trio Nijmegen, NL JIN JIN
28 Jun 2023 TRIO w/ Andy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides Rotterdam, NL North sea Round Town/ WORM North sea Round Town/ WORM
22 Jun 2023 AVA Trio Rotterdam, NL InJazz Showcase InJazz Showcase
19 Jun 2023 MA Trio Amsterdam, NL Splendor Splendor
17 Jun 2023 SOLO Rotterdam, NL Het Industriegebouw / Architecture night Het Industriegebouw / Architecture night
16 Jun 2023 AVA Trio Brussel, BE Crix Café Crix Café
15 Jun 2023 AVA Trio Bielefeld, DE Bunker Ulmenwall Bunker Ulmenwall
10 Jun 2023 Raoul van der Weide XP7 Amsterdam, NL Vrijburcht Theater Vrijburcht Theater
06 Jun 2023 Michael Moore group Amsterdam, NL Recording session Recording session
05 Jun 2023 Raoul van der Weide XP7 Haarlem, NL De Pletterij De Pletterij
04 Jun 2023 w/ 31-tone organ / Pimp my organ Amsterdam, NL Muziekgebouw Muziekgebouw
03 Jun 2023 Raoul van der Weide XP7 Amsterdam, NL Salon de IJzerstaven Salon de IJzerstaven
28 May 2023 AVA Trio 's-Hertogenbosch, NL Jazz in Duke Town Festival Jazz in Duke Town Festival
27 May 2023 Musicographics Maastricht, NL Architecture Institute / Frozen Music Architecture Institute / Frozen Music
13 May 2023 Hristo Goleminov Ground wire Amsterdam, NL Roode Bioscoop Roode Bioscoop
28 Apr 2023 AVA Trio Bremen, DE Jazzahead 2023 Jazzahead 2023
26 Apr 2023 AVA Trio Groningen, NL ORKZ ORKZ
11 Apr 2023 duo w/ Guus Janssen Amsterdam, NL De Tanker De Tanker
26 Mar 2023 Dating Nod(e) Amsterdam, NL 4bid gallery 4bid gallery
25 Mar 2023 w/ Fie Schouten, Guus Janssen, Vincent Courtois Amsterdam, NL Orgelpark Orgelpark
24 Mar 2023 Dating Nod(e) Amsterdam, NL Kunstkapel Kunstkapel
24 Mar 2023 recording w/ Fie Schouten, Guus Janssen, Vincent Courtois Amsterdam, NL TBA TBA
05 Mar 2023 w/ Jannis Anastasakis, nefeli stamatogiannopoulou, Dimitra Kous Athens, GR ON/OFF ON/OFF
02 Mar 2023 w/ Jannis Anastasakis, Antonis Anissegos, Giorgos Stavridis, Natalia Manta Athens, GR KET KET
17 Feb 2023 Electronics solo set Amsterdam, NL Sound Out Sound Out
13 Feb 2023 Sound-Lee! 5 Amsterdam, NL Huis de Pinto Huis de Pinto
15 Jan 2023 AVA Trio Feerwerd, NL Jazz in Feerwerd Jazz in Feerwerd
14 Jan 2023 AVA Trio Hamburg, DE White Cube Bergedorf White Cube Bergedorf
13 Jan 2023 AVA Trio Eindhoven, NL POM POM
12 Jan 2023 AVA Trio Amsterdam, NL De Ruimte De Ruimte



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I’m thrilled and honoured to share with you that I won the  BUMA Music in Motion Awards   –   Best original composition for the music I wrote for the short film GOYA.

The 35 members of the jury wrote:

“The short film GOYA is a memory-gathering story. In a dreamlike video in cinematic style, a wondrous journey of an anonymous character unfolds, parallel to which the attempt to find the origin of the journey itself is revealed. The image and music in this short film reinforce each other very much. You could say that music is half of this film.
The score excels in originality, is progressive and surprising.         Giuseppe Doronzo knows how to produce a powerful and original production with less traditional instruments and arrangements.
Special mention for the wonderful use of woodwinds.”

Thank you all for your support!

BUMA Music in Motion Awards

What to say, I feel humbled and honoured to have been nominated for the BUMA Music in Motion Awards / Best original composition for the short film GOYA!

Thank you everyone who have been involved in the production of GOYA and of course last but not least my comrade and director Roman Ermolaev with whom I shared this journey

NEW Aterraterr album on Tora Records

Dear friends and music supporters,

I’m thrilled to share with the new album of the duo 𝘼𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙧 !

You can 𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗲𝗿 our album on bandcamp at

There is a unique feature: The CD will come in an Hexagonal Origami packaging. Yes, only paper! Let’s support the environment.

𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐎𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝐭𝐡

The whole music concept, process and packaging is based on sustainability, nature and the ephemerality of sound.

In the upcoming days we will reveal more details! Stay tuned


goya short film

Hello everyone, I’m glad to share with you that the short film GOYA, keeps travelling in film festivals around the world:

🇯🇵 Osaka International Film Festival

🇬🇹 Buenos Aires International

🇮🇹 Golden Short film festival, Rome

🇨🇦Toronto independent film festival of Cift

🇩🇪Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht in Berlin

🇱🇹 International experimental film festival Suspaustas Laikas in Vilnius